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Amisael / Apr 09, 2014

• Need to be 18 or older
• Able to speak English
• Prior raid experience
• At least 635 ilvl (subject to change)
• Dedication & patience (no rage quitting after a few wipes)
• Knowledge of encounters before attempts

Lastly, we expect high punctuality and attendance for our core members. If you cannot attend or will be late, we appreciate a notice beforehand.

Currently recruiting

Warlock x2
Mage x1
Priest x1
Hunter x1

Tank and healer slots are currently full. We're open to other DPS classes as well.

Raiding schedule

Our current raiding schedule is:
Wednesday, 20:00-23:45
Thursday, 20:00-23:45
With an optional raid on either Saturday or Sunday with a flexible time.
Note: Weekend times and dates are subject to change based on progression, alt runs etc.